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MoD - Character Sheet 1 by rheill MoD - Character Sheet 1 by rheill

Naitlya Taimi is the main protagonist of Master of Dragons (hereafter referred to as either "MoD" or "MaoDra"). The story is told in first person from her perspective.

She was born among the fauns of the Trefaelor Forest on the Northern Continent, but left soon after her mother died. She ended up in a small farming village on the Volin Isles, coincidentally named after the faun's patron goddess, Readimina.

Despite living there for nearly 24 years, Naitlya has not made many friends. The humans of the area do not encounter what they call the "immortal" races very often. ("Immortal" is a misnomer, however. It simply refers to the extremely long lives held by the fauns, dragon-kin, and merkind. For example, fauns don't reach "adulthood" until age 35, and dragon-kin aren't full grown until at least 100.) This causes them to be a bit standoffish, and avoid direct confrontation with the faun. She is fine with this, choosing to keep company with only a few - namely the bartender of the local pub, her drinking buddy Morrense, and his family.

Naitlya is an innately curious and nosy creature, not above gossip or eavesdropping. This causes her to be a rabid bibliophile, eager to learn and put the knowledge to good use. What she has learned over the years assists her in her modest business of selling medicinal tinctures to the townspeople. She makes just enough to spend at the pub every evening, and she has never needed more.

However, when she hears a dragon-kin has been lurking about the village, her curiosity that has always been so advantageous soon gets her into trouble. Naitlya cannot stop herself from following him to see what he’s up to, even if she ends up getting involved herself.


Naitlya's undergone some changes over the years. When I started the "short story" that eventually became MaoDra's first two chapters, she was skinnier, sterner, and generally grumpier than her current incarnation. She had straight hair, cut into an A-line bob, and for a while she did not wear any sort of pants. As the story went on, she became a squishier character. As she grew more feminine, her appearance changed and became more modest. Her hair first became layered, then curled, and the skirt appeared under her coat.

The Future:

I don't foresee Naitlya's design changing much beyond this point. It's practical, yet cute, and goes with her personality. At a later point in the story, she will have to require a new outfit (because this one unfortunately gets ruined) but I have no solid plans for that one except that it will consist mostly of the same coat/scarf/shirt/skirt ensemble.

See this and other characters profiles on the MoD official website: [link]

All (copyright) Rheill
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dakuness Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
it would be fun if you joined this group :)
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rheill Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Of course. ;3 His character sheet is already up on the website, but I'd like to do a little blurb about him, too.
TOTAL-HP-LOVE Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009
yay! That'll be awesome and I can't wait!
TitanForLife Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009
She sounds very interesting. <3 I'm glad to see a character sheet of her after seeing her pop up in your gallery. I adore her brown jacket at the top (the color combination makes me smile - it's so soothing) and I especially love how you threw sketches of her in the background. All the expressions are beautiful! I love it all. <3
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